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This page is for the GOALIE SHOOTER SHOWCASE ONLY, it does NOT include regular game film or live streams.

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Film Package Options
  • Raw Skills Footage $200
      • All skills stations you participated in
      • Muted Sound
      • Online clipping tool to download highlight ready clips
      • Single User License: only the purchaser can access the film. You will be able to view the entire skills session online anytime and download 100% editable clips of your athlete for use in skills videos.
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    By purchasing the Raw Skills Footage package you will receive an unedited digital copy of all skills sessions you participated in. All skills refers to all skills sessions for ONE athlete. You will receive access to the footage digitally, a hard copy will not be sent. Please Note: This package comes with a SINGLE USER LICENSE. What this means is only you will have rights to access and download clips from the footage, you CANNOT share with others who did not purchase the footage. You will be able to view the entire skills session streaming online and download up to twenty 45-second clips of your athlete per session. These clips are 100% editable and can be used with any editing software. It in no way restricts your ability to edit the footage into a recruiting highlight reel for your athlete. After the event you will get an email notification when the film is ready prompting you to log in. At that point you choose your team from a dropdown and all of your skills footage will populate into your video library. The film is muted to protect event spectators that are unaware their audio is being recorded. Sound in the skills footage does not affect the recruiting value of the film.


Highlight Reels
How To Use Game Film

Why do you need video and what do you do with it?

The purpose of purchasing film is to use it for the college recruiting process. Players should start compiling a library of game footage in preparation to create a highlight reel. When contacting a college coach, one of the first things they'll ask for is to see your highlights. Other benefits of having film are to review your game play, show friends and family, and share on social media.


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Refunds / Terms & Conditions

Next Level Video observes strict security measures related to sharing and security of footage. By purchasing video, you agree to the following terms of service document.

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