The Do's
Whether making it yourself of having us do it, keep the following in mind!
  • 1. 2-3 minutes is ideal. Its a highlight reel, not a feature film.
  • 2. Best plays up front. Even when a coach loves you, they don't watch till the end. They have seen what they need.
  • 3. Quality vs Quantity. Solid skills against GOOD players. Scoring on a weak opponent doesn't show how good you are, it shows how bad the other player is.
  • 4. Use QUALITY video. Clear easy to follow. Poorly shot film will make the viewer stop watching, no matter how good the athlete is. Editing can only fix so much.
  • 5. SHORT intro/bio screens. The longer they are the longer it takes for your video to start... Pertinent info then get into the action, leave "second grade most improved player" off. A good practice is to attach aPDF of an athletic resume.
  • 6. Keep your marks up and promote them. First question out of coaches mouths will be "how are their grades?".
  • 7. Be Proactive. YOU send the videos, not your parents. Coaches are not combing through online databases and profiles hoping to stumble across a player - thats a myth. You need to put it in front of them.
  • 8. Have it professionally edited if you do not have previous editing experience. Avoid the DIY or the "I've got a guy" approach.
The Dont's
We know you want to, but resist the urge to do the following:
  • 1. Don't make it too long. The rule of thumb is "if you use a second song, your video is too long". 7 minutes won't be watched.
  • 2. Don't end with your best play. If they don't watch till the end, they will never see it. Best stuff up front, think of your opening play as the headline of an article.
  • 3. NO slow-mo replays (or replays in general). Coaches evaluate and know the game for a living. They saw it the first time, show another play.
  • 4. Putting titles in the corner of every play that says "Goal" or "hustle Play" is not necessary. If a coach can't figure this out on their own, you probably don't want to play for them anyways.
  • 5. Don't overthink it. Use the plays you like that represent you as the type of player you want to be. Remember recruiting is a two-way street.
  • 6. Don't use music with profanity. This shows poor decision making.
  • 7. Don't try and be artsy with it. No need. If you have articles with write ups, attach them to the email, don't force them in the video.
  • 8. Lose the showboating plays. Odds are a coach didn't tell you to do that and it leads them to believe you are not coachable.
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