At NLV we provide video and media coverage for all of our partners, filming over 100 events annually. We work with some of the best event providers in the country and continue to build our partnerships each season. 

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Our reputation has been built upon delivering quality game film and industry leading highlight reels. Our competitive advantage is the ability to drive significant revenue from your events with minimal involvement on your end. We have full-time in-house sales, marketing, and customer service teams that work together to convert participants into customers. We begin to sell before your event and continue to sell long after. Our sales process is efficient, aggressive, and data driven.

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Your event now has video, backed by quality. Our customer service team will ensure a positive experience and product for your participants that gives you an edge over other events while driving additional passive revenue for you. You will receive all photos and media taken during the event by our team, and use the promotional video and social media clips we create for marketing purposes heading into the following year.

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Elevated angles significantly increase the production value we offer. With the facilities permission, NLV shall erect platforms on every field for our camera operators. These platforms are much easier to operate than hiPods, resulting in better product quality and enhanced event presence.

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