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2019 Mid Atlantic Spring Lacrosse League

Mar 18 — Apr 29, 2019

Conshohocken, PA

Only pre-ordered games will be filmed. Pre-orders must be placed no later than 3pm Thursday, March 14th. Pre-ordered film will be available only via team packages. A Team packages means its film that can be shared with multiple parties. One person places the order and the price and fil can be split/shared with as many people on the team as you wish. You can choose the entire leagues worth of film or a la carte games. IF YOU ARE ORDERING A LA CARTE GAMES YOU MUST CALL YOUR ORDER IN TO LET US KNOW WHICH GAME YOU WANT FILMED. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN YOUR GAME NOT BEING FILMED.

All games that are filmed will be recorded in HD from an elevated position. We will follow the action keeping two-thirds ahead of the ball to see the entire play develop, we will not follow one specific player. So, no matter what position or jersey you are wearing, if you are involved in the play you will be covered!

Games will be delivered week to week via an email link sent to the purchaser. They can then forward that link on to the rest of the parties splitting the purchase price. The link will be sent out within 48 hours of the end of each game.

Call us with any questions at 610-660-9980.



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Film Package Options
  • Team Package (All 8 games, split price with multiple people) $1,000
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      • Multi-user license
      • Split price with team
      • Only $50 per player with 20 players (Thats only $6.25/person/game)
      • HD
      • Elevated Angle
      • Editable
      • Discounted highlight reel for players
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    You are purchasing a copy of a all 8 of your games from this league. Purchaser will receive a link he/she may share with other members of the team and the right to view and share the footage. Link will e sent out within 48 hours fro the end of the game. Game will be fully editable and was filmed in 1920x1080 HD quality from an elevated angle.



Highlight Reels
  • Standard Highlight Reel$150 Regular Price - $250, save when ordered with this event
      • Text intro page with bio, achievements, etc
      • Spotlight on each play
      • 20 play maximum in the order you submit
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    NLV Standard Highlights are an individual highlight reel for a player made using a limited amount of graphics. This reel can be made using any footage received from us PLUS anything else you may submit. You must watch and submit an index of the plays you would like used to NLV.

  • Premier Highlight Reel$250 Regular Price - $400, save when ordered with this event
      • Custom Intro Slate
      • Spotlights / Spot Shadows
      • Tracker graphics that move with the player
      • Specialty graphics
      • 25 plays maximum
      • 1 Round of revisions (if needed)
    View Full Description *This is an add-on, must add film package to cart first

    NLV Premier Highlights are an individual highlight reel for a player made using our full line of graphics. This reel can be made using any footage received from us PLUS anything else you may submit. You must watch and submit an index of the plays you would like used to NLV.

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    What is the difference between a single-user license and a multi-user license?
    When you purchase film you receive a single or multi-user license which represent the number of people allowed to access and use the footage. Team packages are the ONLY product sold by NLV that comes with a multi-user license. This license grants the purchaser permission to share the footage with every athlete on their team for use in promotional videos and highlight reels. Security restrictions are removed and we provide built in functionality in our website to easily share the footage. In simplified terms, you are allowed to and can easily share footage with members of your team that are splitting the purchase with you. For all video footage purchases that are NOT Team Packages, NLV grants you a single-user license. With this purchase, you are allowed to use footage for personal, non-commercial, internal use only. In other words - you may not share this footage with any other athlete on your or your child’s team or use it to create a promotional video for your team - or a highlight reel for any athlete other than you, or your child - if the purchaser is a parent, guardian, relative, friend or coach. You may watch the full game online streaming anytime but the full game file download option is restricted. You can clip out and download the plays of your athlete for editing a recruiting reel using our online tool.
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    What is the difference between Standard and Premier Highlights?
    NLV offers two highlight reel packages. Standard and Premier. Both packages can be made from any film we produce as well as any additional footage you may wish to submit. The standard package includes an introductory bio screen, up to 15 plays which will appear in the order you list them AND an isolation spot-shadow graphics on every play. The premier package includes a title card, up to 20 plays, a complimentary round of re-arrangements, additional isolation effects such as tracker graphics that follow a player as he or she move throughout each play, and an assortment of additional specialty graphics such as our vision assist and zoom enhancement. Our editors will also apply digital enhancement as necessary to any footage you may submit if requested to do so. Premier is ideal for those looking for that extra level of support, customization, and enhanced graphic effects to make the player really stand out.
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    Does NLV Film from an Elevated Position?
    Unless otherwise noted in the main description at the top of the event product page, NLV will film all games from an elevated angle of 10ft or higher. Safety is a priority at NLV. In the event severe weather or other scenarios present a dangerous situation for our videographers or nearby spectators to be around the elevated equipment, NLV will move to the best grounded vantage point a facility allows.
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    Does NLV zoom in on one player?
    We do not zoom in on one player individually, we film the game as a whole from a medium to wide shot following the action. Matches recorded being zoomed in on one player is useless from a coaching and recruiting standpoint. Off-ball play is just as important as the ball carrier and its crucial to see the play develop. If you prefer close-up shots, game film can always be zoomed in during the editing process, but not the other way around! If you are involved in the play, you will be covered!
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    How does a Team Package work?
    The Team package is hands down the most cost-effective way to purchase film. It comes with a multi-user license meaning multiple players can access and use the footage, so it’s one flat rate that you can split with other players on the team, saving up to 85% off the individual package pricing! It includes a copy of every game your team plays in at the event; including any playoff, championship, or all-star games, unless otherwise noted. Sharing the film with others splitting the order is simple. The purchaser logs into their NLV account and can paste the email addresses of everyone who is a part of the order. They will get an email notifying them they have the film and how to access it! Games are then immediately available to watch streaming online from any device, even mobile! You can also download and save an editable copy! All participants involved in the team package will also get a discount on an NLV produced and edited highlight reel which can be made from this film as well as any other footage.
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    How Do I Submit Plays or Additional Footage for a Highlight Reel?
    Submitting your time index as well as additional footage not shot by NLV to our editors is simple and can be done through your NLV account. Once logged in, click on "Dashboard". From here, you can oversee and submit everything pertaining to your highlight reel order. Select the "Highlight Reels" tab and follow the on screen prompts to input information and upload your video files. Please note, if your footage lives on HUDL, Krossover, or another similar platform, you will need to download it from there and then send it to us. We will not log in to your account. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. If our editors have any questions, they will contact you. When the first draft of your highlight reel is complete, you will receive email notification prompting you to log in and review your reel.

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