2021 Hogan Spring Thaw

Mar 14, 2021 - Mar 14, 2021

Milford, DE


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  • Team Package $600
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      • Copy of every game your team plays in at this event
      • Includes playoffs, championships, or all-star games
      • Most cost effective - Split price with team       
      • Multi-User License - Ability to distribute to the team and download full game files
      • Discounted highlight reels
      • Full 1920x1080 HD
      • Elevated angle
      • Muted sound
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    When purchasing a Team Package you will be receiving an unedited digital copy of every guaranteed game that your team plays in at this event. The pricing is one flat rate that we encourage you to split with other members of the team. All games will be filmed from the best vantage point the facility allows. Footage is sent digitally. The purchaser will gain access to a dashboard admin feature to send and distribute footage to other members of the team. Purchaser will be solely in charge of distributing access, and NLV will not do so. By purchasing with the team you will have multi-user access. This allows everyone who participated in the team purchase to have access to the videos and download the full game file. All footage is completely editable. Game film will have muted sound. The film is muted to protect event spectators that are unaware they are being recorded. Sound in the game film does not affect the recruiting value of game film.

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